MOSAIC Inter-Faith Ministries is celebrating its 20th year of social ministry with senior in-home assistance, refugee and first generation welcome center and extremely low-income and diverse ministries through its Green Waters Health Center, Manna Market, More Blue Sky Employment Center, Troy's Food Pantry, and Winter/Holiday Give-A-Way.  Mosaic Inter-Faith Ministries serves 1 in every 25 people in Utah.  MOSAIC INTER-FAITH MINISTRIES is very diverse at every level and nine world religions are on-site daily: Baha'i, Buddhist, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) (Mormon); Hindu, Historical Christian, Humanitarian, Jewish, Muslim, Seeking from Multiple Perspectives, Spiritual but not Religious; and no known faith expression.

MOSAIC INTER-FAITH MINISTRIES (dba Lutheran Social Service of Utah) has been incorporated since May 1995 --- and maintains its status as a 501-C3 Tax-Deductible Charitable Organization.

MOSAIC Inter-Faith Ministries is a member of Associatio of Lutheran Development Executives, Enriching Utah Coalition, Salt Lake County Mayor's C​ouncil on Diversity Affairs Health Sub-Committee; and Utah Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.  MOSAIC Inter-Faith Ministries is also officially listed in the Parliament of World Religions Directory; and is attending the Parliament of World Religions Conference in Salt Lake City, UT, October 15-19, 2015.

  • Faith-ful, Fun, Fan-tastic Ambassador Board Trustees Needed - 2016-2019 term
  • New educational toys, winter clothing, sports equipment, books, clipboards, educational supplies, household furnishings, canned foods, household cleaning supplies and paper goods.  For Winter/Holiday Essentials Give-A-Way distributions 2nd week in December!
  • Greatest Need: Cash Flow with Check Donation.
  • Legacy Need: Capital Campaign donation for purchase of physical location: 4392 South 900 East  SLC, UT.  Goal: $150k downpayment and reservoir for capital improvements.


4392 South 900 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124
801-588-0139; 877-388-5778
801-721-2641 (cell-text or call)
801-588-0140 (fax)


All of God's People
~ All programs and projects are employment driven
for wholistic growth and sustainability!
Dr. Leslie Whited, CEO
   Administration, In-Home Senior Assistance;
More Blue Sky Employment Center
Zainab Atta, Director
Dorothy Lonnecker, LMT
   Green Waters Women's Health Center
Jose Bonilla, Associate Director
   Volunteer & Community Relations;
   Guitar Instruction
Heather Rich, Reception & Hospitality
Hayedeh Mafi, Assistant ESL Instructor
Dona Holm, ESL/ELL Instructor
Holly Molberg, ESL/ELL Instructor
Tomas Quiroz, Spanish Language Instructor
Troy Stritch, Troy's Food Pantry
Erasmo Rivera, Maintenance & Manna Market
Manase Yokwe, Elder Gardens & Manna Market
English Language Learning Instructors
(B.A., M.A. Dr.)
Becky, Nutrition
Jose, Music & Mock Interviews
Leslie, Poetry/Song/Exercize & ESL Word Bingo
Tomas, Spanish Learning
Holly, ESL Language Learning
Dona, Summer ESL Language Learning​

Be Soulful!

There is unexpected delight 
when we "shower generosity on others
and, in so doing, we cannot keep it from ourselves."