• MOSAIC at Utah Governors Faith Leaders Luncheon

All Year - 24/7

All Year - M/T/W/Th 8 am to 2:45 pm
Food Justice and Employment Appointments

Process:  First time: a one-time 2 pp food eligibility form is filled out with voluntary id.  A MOSAIC food card is given.  During the Pandemic you can receive food twice a week.  After receiving food, you can request free employment consultations and services with Dr. Leslie on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday from 9 am-3 pm!  She, and the MOSAIC collective network, place over 1000+ people each year with hard situations!

Request your free COVID-19 Information & General Health Kit while getting your food order!

M/W - 8:00 am-2:45 pm  MANNA Pantry is open for food distribution.

MOSAIC Inter-Faith Ministries follows federal anti-discrimination guidelines for all its programs, and especially its food program, which can be found under "And Justice for All."  See:

For Language Access & Non-Discrimination Statements go to About Us tab for document.

Tuesdays & Thursdays - MANNA Market is open outside from 8:00-10:30 am and inside from 10:30 am-3 pm.  Also, free clothing and household goods are available on the picnic tables.



All courses held at MOSAIC are free and are held January 11-May 25, 2022 and September 13 - November 16, 2022.

Michael Brown, Principal

Jose Bonilla -- Spanish Instructor
Becky Cushing -- Health Instructor; & Principal for Diabetes Prevention Project
Maysa Kergaye -- Yoga Instructor

Tuesdays and Wednesdays:
English Language Learning  9 am to 11:30 am
Global Song & Dance - Tuesday 9 am
Chair Yoga - Wednesday 9 am
Guitar - 1-2 pm
Wellness Class Wednesdays 2-3 pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
Outdoors Manna Market 9 am to Noon
Conversational Spanish 2-3 pm

2-3 pm  Wellness Course at the Utah State Prison  Emerald Chapel Complex

Note: All week day events are at MOSAIC  3278 South 450 East  Salt Lake City, Utah unless otherwise noted.
Free parking in after you turn onto 540 East to the West.

Feb 26 - Mar 1
  "Faith & Fundraising" Conference   Myrtle Beach, SC
                               Association for Christian Fundraising Formerly Lutheran Development Executives

                               MOSAIC INTER-FAITH MINISTRIES, formerly Lutheran Social Service of Utah, celebrates its
                               20th year as a member of this reputable organization dedicated to ethics, professionalism
                               and best practices in raising funds for vital public ministries.

Feb 1 - Mar 19        Inter-Faith Month Activities     See:
2023                       See Events On-Line @ Website

                        "Inter-Faith Season" tab for schedule

April 12-15,            Mountain West Regional VOAD Conference "Moving Forward Together"
 MOSAIC's Community Health Workers attend this Conference in downtown
                               Salt Lake City.  Dr. Leslie assisted as a planning committee member with program
                               ideas and speakers.  Feel free to register for this affordable Conference at:

May 4-6,                 Spiritual Director's International (SDI) International Conference "Essence!"
2023                       Held Virtually & On-Site in Madison, WI:    
                               Dr. Leslie will be attending virtually!
                               MOSAIC has been a member for 12 years.

May 5, 2023            MOSAIC INTER-FAITH MINISTRIES, celebrates its 28th Anniversary
                               serving the Utah Community with three quality programs: in-home senior assistance;
                               economic immigrant and refugee integration services; and basics to employment for all.

June 8-10, 2023     Mental Health America's 2023 Annual Conference
                               Held Virtually & In-Person: Washington, DC
                               MOSAIC attends its second time virtually as Wellness Connections & Health
                               Literacy/Equity site in partnership with Federal, State & County Government

June-Aug 2023        Partners in the Park Latinx and Multi-Cultural FREE Health Event

For families and individuals: live music, raffle drawings, free meal, 40-50 non-profit tables with free health resources, snow-cones; and jumping houses.

                                            MOSAIC Display Table Among Many Partners
                                            University of Utah Organized & Sponsored

· June 13, 2023 -    Jordan Park                  1060 S 900 W  SLC, UT                          5:45-8 pm

· June 27, 2023 -    Poplar Grove Park        800 S Emery St (1200 W) SLC, UT           5:45-8 pm

· July  11, 2023  -   Parkway Park               3405 W Parkway Blvd (2700 S) SLC, UT   5:45-8 pm

· July  25, 2023  -   Riverside Park              739 N 1400 W  SLC, UT                          5:45-8 pm

- Aug   4, 2023  -   Centennial Park            5405 W 3100 So WVC, UT                      5:45-8 pm

· Aug   9, 2023  -   Northwest Rec Center  1255 W Clark Ave (300 N) SLC, UT          5:45-8 pm

Questions - Contact: Jewel Morgan, University of Utah Neighborhood Partners Program, Ph: 801-972-3596,

August 14-18, 2023     
Parliament of World Religions Conference in Chicago, IL  

                                 Call to Conscience Conference
                                 MOSAIC is a member and participant with the Parliament of World Religions since it was
                                 held in downtown Salt Lake City in 2015.  This year, MOSAIC travels to participate in this
                                 Conference of major religions.

September 17-20, 2023    Rev. Dr. Leslie Ann Whited, CEO represents MOSAIC at Women at the Well Retreat sponsored for prison pastors by Prison Congregations in America at DeKoven Center in Racine, Wisconsin.  See the Winter Newsletter at for an article on prinson ministry by Pastor Leslie.  Please consider this worthy organization in your giving plan as it starts Christian prison congregations throughout America bringing hope and healing within and beyond the walls. 


October 10, 2023      Rev. Dr. Leslie Ann Whited, CEO at MOSAIC celebrates 26 years as CEO of MOSAIC
Her favorite part of ministry are the collective of people with which she serves: real gems.  'Working together we personify cultural sayings from my Scot-Irish background: "Many hands make light work...  Put it on your shoulder and say it is not a burden...  We personify at our core 'joy of heart - a priceless treasure especially
in difficult times.'  MOSAIC is a site in which people are lifted by joy, genuine care and blessing!"

November 4, 2023     MOSAIC hosts its 14th Annual Fundraiser with Silent Auction at South Salt Lake
                                  Columbus Center, 1-3 pm.  More Details to Come!


November 21, 2023   MOSAIC distributes its annual Turkey & Fixins' Give-A-Way Tuesday, 21rst.  Doors open at 8 am.  Turkeys, Hams and Chickens given until supplies are depleted along with a free box of food.  Food box is to prepare at home!  Thank you to our Winter Give-A-Way donors starting with November 22nd throughout December 14, 2023:  A-1 Pioneer Moving Company, Eccles Foundation, LDS Bishops Storehouse, My Stuff (Kid's) Bag Foundation, Neighbor Donation Network, Smith's Food & Drug Stores, Inc., Utah Foam Products, Utah Food Bank.

December 4-7        Winter Holiday Essentials Give-A-Way
Dec 7 & 14

MONDAY                  December 4, 2023          Set-Up

8 am until finished - Set-up Santa's Pics stage and organize for Holidapy. Essentials distributions.  Holiday Open House.

Tuesday                   December 5, 2023
8  am volunteers arrive.  8:00-finish give out numbers to 400 households; pics with Santa and one bag of gifts per family.

Wednesday               December 6, 2023
8 am volunteers arrive.  8:00 am-finish give out numbers to 300 households; $50 vouchers to each household sponsored by Deseret Industries and Crossroads Urban Centers.  Thank you LDS and Methodist Partners.

Thursday                  December 7 & 14, 2023

8:30 am volunteers arrive.  9:00 am-finish give out numbers to 300 households and provide one mega-food box per family for the Winter or Holidays.

Wellness Connections

Free Joyful Course currently taught at MOSAIC 2-3 pm on Wednesdays
3278 South 540 East SLC  Red Cottage Building

For Women at the Utah State Prison on Saturdays from 2-3 pm


The course is team taught with multi-cultural and multi-lingual instructors!

Barriers: Part I & Part II
Resilience: Building Long-term Muscles
Contemplation, Balance & Responsibility
Forest of Support --- Action Plan
Mind-Body-Spirit Connection: Holistic Approach


To schedule FREE course or workshop contact at your location contact Dr. Leslie Whited 801-721-2641 (phone/text);
or email

MOSAIC provides: Trauma-Informed Education